Credo Reference


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Credo Reference is a database made up of over 1000 encyclopedias and dictionaries. It is a good place to find background information on your topic(s) before you start your research.  

You can access Credo Reference through Databases A-Z on the GovState Library website.  

Navigating Credo Reference 

When you select Credo Reference from the list of databases, you’ll be taken to the home page. 

There are a few things you can do from the home page.  

  • Start searching using either the quick (basic) search or the advanced search. 
  • Search through the subjects listed on the home page and browse whichever is relevant or interesting. 
  • Click on the three stacked lines icon in the upper left corner to open a navigation menu. 


On the navigation menu, you’ll see two options that can be used to browse/search and an option to open the mind map (see Mind Map for more info). 


The first option in the menu is “Topics” which will allow you to search and filter entries by topic. 

On the “Topics” page, you can use the search bar and filters to narrow results and find a specific topic, or you can search the topics alphabetically. 


The second option in the menu is “Titles” which allows you to browse the titles of the source books. These titles are NOT for the entries themselves but from the sources that provide the entries.  

You can filter the titles using the filter options in the right sidebar.  


The third option on the menu is the “Mind Map” which allows you to explore and discover connections between topics and key terms.  

You can use the search bar to find terms to add to your mind map.  

Once you’ve added a term to your map, you can explore related articles listed in the column on the right or click on the other terms in the mind map to view the article about that term. 


Searching Credo Reference 

No matter where you are in the database, you’ll be able to access both the quick search and advanced search. 

To initiate a quick search, enter your search terms into the search bar and click the magnifying glass icon. 

If you want to initiate an advanced search, click on “Advanced Search” to the right of the search bar. 


Clicking “Advanced Search” will open the “Advanced Search” page. In advanced search you can more easily use search operators (see Search Operators) and use the various narrowing options to focus your results.